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  • Product name: WZGPK-121 Armored Platinum Thermal Resistor with Lead
  • Product number: WZGPK-121
  • Material: 304,GH3030,Inconel600
  • Diameter: 0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4.5,5.0,6.0,8.0mm
  • Temperature range: 0-1300°C
  • Length: customizable
  • Installation method: See below for more details
  • Junction box or lead:

WZGPK-121 Armored Platinum Thermal Resistor with Lead


WZPK series armored platinum thermal resistor is matched with a display instrument, and can automatically test the mixing degree of gases, liquid media or solid surfaces within the humidity range at -200-600℃. It is suitable to be mounted in special occasions with narrow pipelines, requirements on quick response, miniaturization, etc.

WZGPK series armored platinum thermal resistor is a new series product produced by digesting and absorbing Okazaki armored thermocouple manufacturing technologies in our factory.
Armored platinum thermal resistor products made by our factory have been listed into the 18th batch of import substitutes for national mechatronics industrial department, which are well received by users.

The armored platinum thermal resistor is generally composed of armored platinum thermal resistor temperature sensing elements, an installation fixation device, a junction device and other main parts.
The armored platinum thermal resistor features long and thin body type, quick thermal response, vibration resistance, long service life, etc.

Main Technical Indexes:
(Accord with enterprise standard Q/CY235-2002 of Chongqing Chuanyi Integral Plant Co., Ltd.)

Temperature Measurement Range and Allowance

Note: Pt10 graduated armored platinum resistors need protocol supply. We can provide products with DIN and JIS standard graduation numbers in the form of “Technical Protocol” according to user requirements.

Normal-temperature Insulation Resistor

The quality testing insulation resistance of leads and outer sleeves is not less than 100MΩ at the ambient air temperature of 15-35℃ and relative humidity of no more than 80% (at the testing voltage of 10-100Vd.c.).

Thermal Response Time

Sleeve Diameter and Length

Operating Principle:
The thermal resistor tests the temperature by the feature that the resistance of matters changes with temperature variation. The heated part (temperature sensing element) of the thermal resistor is uniformly wound on the framework made of insulating materials through a fine metal wire. When the temperature gradient exists in the measured media, the measured temperature is the average temperature in the dielectric layer within the range of temperature measurement elements.

Measurement End Type

Four-wire System:

Three-wire System:

Installation form:

Order matters needing attention

Product name

Actual range of temperature measurement

Special product agreement delivery

Ordering examples

(1) the introduction of a single type flameproof flexible joint tape spring pressed type sheathed platinum resistance, Pt100, four wire, B and tolerance, diameter up to 0-350 DEG C, 6mm, 850mm in length, the insertion depth of 700mm, the casing material 304. explosion-proof grade Exd II BT4.

Marked: WZGPK-74U/M100B 850 J700A-BT4

(2) the standard type double branch type waterproof junction box sheathed platinum resistance, Pt100, three wire, a tolerance, 0-400 C, diameter up to 8mm, length 650mm, the insertion depth of 500mm tube 304, flecible thread M16 X 1.5.

Marked as: WZPK2-333/M100A650500A

Model specification:
WZGPK sheathed platinum resistance Okazaki structure type (non binding cassette)

Note: * - proof products (non explosion proof products shall be marked);"A - ordering protocol

Note: WZGPK-5 S and WZGPK-5 G are non welded

WZPK sheathed platinum thermistor standard type

Note: * - proof products (non explosion proof products shall be marked);"A - ordering protocol