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  • Product name: WSS-401 Radial bimetallic thermometer
  • Product number: WSS-401
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WSS-401 Radial bimetallic thermometer


WSS series of industrial bimetal temperature is suitable for measuring instrument industry summary, temperature field, direct measurement of gas, the temperature of the liquid, widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, pharmaceutical, power and other industries, is a glass

Substitute for thermometer.

WSS industrial bimetal thermometer produced by our factory products complete specifications, including ordinary double metal thermometer, electric contact, adjustable angle, integration, all stainless steel anti-corrosion type double metal thermometer, and a special installation type, special type and special anti-corrosion requirements of products and supporting the production of outer protective tube. To ensure quality, timely delivery.

Working principle

The bimetallic thermometer consists of a bimetallic temperature sensitive element wrapped around a spiral. The bimetallic plate expands due to the expansion coefficient of the active layer of the bimetallic sheet, which causes the torsion to change the heat energy into mechanical energy and drives the pointer to rotate, thus realizing the purpose of displaying the medium temperature.


Directly display temperature on site, intuitive and convenient

The structure is firm, resistant to vibration and not easy to be damaged

The specifications are complete, the installation method is more, and the protection tube material is wide.


Bimetallic thermometer -- ordinary type, dial indicator, field indicating temperature;

Electric contact bimetallic thermometer -- in addition to the instructions given by upper and lower temperature, contact, when the temperature reaches the set value before, contacts are closed or disconnected, the control relay circuit, thus the automatic control and alarm.

With thermocouple (resistance) - body bimetal thermometer - sheathed thermocouple (resistance) installed in the bimetallic thermometer protection tube, not only meet the requirements of temperature measurement field, but also meet the requirements of long-distance transmission.

Double metal band thermocouple (resistance) integrated temperature transmitter will double metal thermometer and a thermocouple (resistance) integrated temperature transmitter comprising one, can not live to temperature, but also can be long-distance transmission 020mA standard signal, automatic control.

Main technical parameters

(accord with People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB/T8802-1998)

Nominal size of the scale: 60mm, 100mm, 150mm

Precision grade:

Bimetallic thermometer: Class 1, grade 1.5

Armoured thermal resistor (Pt100): B + (0.3 + 0.005ltl)

Sheathed thermocouple (K E type): I grade + 1.5 DEG C or 0.0041tl

Grade 2 + 2.5 or 0.0075ltl

Temperature transmitter: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1

Thermal response time

Protection level: IP55

Angle adjustment error (adjustable angle, adjusting angle 90 degrees)

The angle adjustment error is not greater than 1% of its range

Return difference

The return error of thermometer is not greater than the absolute value of the basic error limit


The repeatability limit range of the thermometer is not greater than 1 / 2 of the absolute error limit

Ambient temperature: 20-60

Relative temperature: <85%

Temperature range

The grid values of dial are 1, 2, 5, 10

Measurement form

Outline drawing


Standard size

Note: if more than or equal to 0-50 DEG C for range Phi 10 L=120mm, if less than 10 L=150mm.

Installation method

Electrical parameters and connection modes of electric contacts

Electrical parameters

Rated power: 10VA

Operating voltage: 380V.A.C

Maximum allowable current: 0.7A


Order matters needing attention

Product name

Product model

Temperature range

Special product agreement delivery

Ordering example

1, general industrial bimetal thermometer, axial type, watchcase diameter 150mm, movable outer thread, protection tube diameter 10mm, material 304, insert length 150mm, temperature range of 0-200 degrees.

Mark: WSS501/0-200 C -LA150

2, electric contact bimetal thermometer, watchcase diameter 100mm, radial type movable internal thread, protection tube diameter 12mm

Mark: WSSX--412/0-150, -MH200

3, with thermal resistance - body bimetal thermometer, adjustable angle pulling core measuring end, watchcase diameter of 100mm. fixed screw thread installation, protection tube diameter 14mm., material 304, insert K degrees 300mm, range 0-300 degrees

Mark: WSSP-463C/0-300, -NA300